Lackeby Grit washer


Lackeby Grit washer (former ConWash) is a compact grit washer carried out by a cyclone with a prewash and grit classifier.

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Benefits of Lackeby Grit washer

  • Combined separator and grit washer
  • Available in 3 different sizes up to 25 l / sec
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Washed sand reaches < 3% organic content
  • Above mentioned organic content is reached without top mounted agitator due to the cyclone effect created at the inlet



The grit separation tank is designed to be as small as possible but with high efficiency and with separation of grit down to a grain size of 0.20 mm. It is equipped with necessary connections for cleaning water and drainage. There is an inspection door and also the valves necessary for automatic operation.

Conveyor and shaftless screw

Shaftless screws have excellent dewatering properties and combined with the strong performance achieved an ideal solution for this application. The spiral is made of high quality material for long life. The trough in stainless steel is designed to clean and dewater the grit on it´s way up to the outlet.

Driving system

The conveyor’s drive system is designed for continuous operation.