Lackeby Wire driven scraper

linslamskrapaLackeby Wire driven scraper (former ConClar 410) is a wire driven sludge scraper with a simple and competitive design. The sludge scraper has few moving parts and high reliability, designed for installation in rectangular sedimentation basins. Lackeby Wire driven scraper can be chosen independent of basin size and/or quantities of sludge.

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Benefits of Lackeby Wire driven scraper

  • Simple and reliable design
  • Low investment cost
  • Low wear and maintenance
  • Low operating costs
  • Flexible system
  • Can be installed in basins with length of 70 meters and width of 12 meters


Lackeby Wire driven scraper is a wire driven sludge scraper for sedimentation tanks which have been designed to give customers a better and cost efficient alternative to other more expensive types of sludge scrapers on the market. The design is simple and easy to install and consist of few moving parts which mean low cost and high reliability. Several scrapers can easily be linked with a for each operation suitable distance. There are no limits on basin size or quantity of sludge. Continous operation is not necessary which gives less wear and a longer life time.

Operation, normally with a reversible two speed gear motor and a special system of reeling the wire. This consists of two pieces of multi-tracked winding drums made of stainless steel. The switch is equipped with a double-acting torque strut with limit switches. Winding drums, shafts, bearings and gear mounted on a machine foundations of stainless steel. The wire is stretched in a simple manner by turning the drums in relation to each other.

Wire Components
The wire is a 10 mm extra flexible composite wire. Shackles and lockings are of stainless steel SS 316. Pulleys are in special plastic material. The pulleys are designed to eliminate the risk of rags or similar objects clogging to the wire. Brackets, shafts, etc. are made of stainless steel SS 304/316.

Bottom Scraper
The scraper blade is attached to the pulling wire through a flange and gets a vertical position when scraping towards the sludge pit. When the wire direction is reversed the scraper blade is folded up to a horizontal position.

The scraper blade is a welded box construction. Despite the very low weight in water, it is still strong and can withstand loads of 2000 and 5000 N / m at 4 m wide. The scraper is equipped with wear sheets of rubber along the bottom and the sides.

The bottom scraper is mounted to a steering sleigh and supplied with two pieces of supporting wheels at the ends. The steering sleigh is equipped with four pieces of glides made of stainless steel so derailment is not possible.

The entire scraper- and steering structure has an underwater weight of less than 40 kg resulting in low wear and long life. The steering sledge runs on a guide of wood. This is mounted in the centre along the tank bottom with stainless steel bolts.

Limit switches
The scraper’s reversal is obtained by using two pieces of totally enclosed inductive limit switches of resistant plastic. The switches are placed in protective plastic and can be entered for inspection without need to empty the tank. They are affected directly by the scraping device without any additional and complicated mechanical system.

The customer chooses if a control cabinet shall be included. Pause time in the end positions are selected by a timer. The cabinet is equipped with a main switch, the hand-0-auto switches, fuses and potential free alarm output. Failures appear in form of an indication from a lamp on the front of the cabinet.

This description applies to Lackeby Wire driven scraper in its standard version. Of course we deliver other variants. This includes systems for floating sludge scraping, limit switches for wire breakage etc.

Lackeby Wire driven scraper for rectangular sedimentation tank. Principle design at pre-sedimentation. Drive unit at the outlet.

1. Inlet
2. Outlet troughs
3. Floating sludge gutters
4. Drive Unit with reel of wire
5. Wire
6. Scraper blade provided with wheels
7. Steering guide bar
8. Surface scraper
9. Pulley
10. Limit switch
11. Scraper blade at home location