Peripheral driven scraper at Södra Cell in Mörrum now in operation

Lackeby Perfipheral driven scraper as Sodra Cell in Mörrum








In 2018, Lackeby signed a contract with Veolia Water Technologies AB for the supply of a Lackeby Peripheral driven scraper of suction type for the new biological treatment plant, which is being built due to the expansion of Södra Cell Mörrum.

The delivery from Lackeby included the design and manufacture of a complete sludge scraper with flocculation mixers, floating scum removal, outlet trays and stamford baffles for the new bio-sedimentation basin which measures impressive 65 meters in diameter.

The suction scraper, which is one of the largest of its kind manufactured by Lackeby, is now in operation after a period of start-up adjustments.

We thank Veolia Water Technologies AB for the trust and look forward to continued cooperation in future projects.

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