Focus on product development will take Lackeby™ into the future.

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Emanuel Klinth, 37, is a recently hired product developer at Lackeby™, which is now focusing heavily on new product development.
– “This is a new product for receiving septic sludge that we’re testing. It’s an important component of all treatment plants that receive external sludge from sludge suctioning.”

New products are being developed and new employees hired. The company has also been given a new name. Yet, few people know what the well-established environmental company Lackeby™ is actually doing in the former Bombardier industrial buildings in Kalmar, Sweden.
– “No one wonders what happens beyond the toilet. They just want it to work. Few understand how much work goes into ensuring we have a clean environment.”
Emanuel Klinth, 37, is a recently hired product developer at the company. It is through him and his 50 some colleagues that Lackeby™ is now accelerating product development, which will take the company into the future. Emanuel is the first employee to be hired within Lackeby.

Marketing and Sales Director Robert Holm explains:
– “Since the spring, we have been known as just Lackeby™. We’ve done away with the umlaut and everything else. So, Emanuel is one of our first employees that was hired by Lackeby™.”
There is a logical explanation behind the company refining its brand. Even though Lackeby™ is fairly unknown among the locals, they have been installing products in plants in about 120 countries.
It is an impressive sight when Robert shows all of these countries marked on a world map.
– “We’re talking about 10,000 to 20,000 products that we have delivered around the world over the years. And the letter ä is just not practical everywhere. We have always been called ‘Lackeby’ in English.”
At the IFAT 2016 trade fair in Munich, which was held at the end of May, Lackeby’s new logotype was presented for the first time. And it was well received.
– “We have continued to build on our tradition. No huge changes, but rather modernization and adaptation to our international market,” explains Robert Holm.
IFAT is the world’s largest trade fair for environmental technologies, making it perfectly suited to Lackeby’s business concept.
– “We will operate on a global mark

et for purification, recycling and refinement of the earth’s natural resources. We will do this by developing products for water treatment, sludge treatment, biogas, and waste management. Which is exactly what the trade fair is all about,” says Robert Holm.

Many new products in the pipeline
But, back to Emanuel Klinth, who is standing on the floor of the sprawling production plant inspecting one of the newly developed products as it is being tested.
– “This is a product for septic receiving. It’s an important component of all treatment plants that receive external sludge from sludge suctioning.”
The septic receiving product is a refinement of Lackeby’s drum screens from the Roto-Sieve series. The drum screens are just one of the product categories for which the Lackeby™ name is well known in the industry. The large cylinder-shaped screens perform a very important job in the purification of what we flush down the toilet, namely they separate the solid material from the liquid.

But what is it that makes even the Chinese buy Lackeby’s drum screens for a number of their large treatment plants in Beijing?
Emanuel Klinth should know. He may be new in his position as product developer, but he is not new to the industry. He explains that he worked for Lackeby™ previously, back when production was still situated in Lackeby, outside of Kalmar.
He left the company five years ago and began working for a company that builds and modernizes plants in the same industry as Lackeby™.
“We often used Lackeby products in the plants we built. We felt confident that we were getting high-quality products from a supplier who was considerate and competent. I’m sure the Chinese feel the same way.”

But, now Emanuel is back – in a new, important role. His task will be to drive the development of new products needed in our global environment.
– “We’ve already begun testing five new products over there,” says Robert Holm as he points across the workshop floor to the test facility. “There are a lot of exciting things happening right now.”
– “Exactly,” Emanuel Klinth adds. “That’s why I came back. It’s an exciting time in the company, and it’s easy to see that people are happy in the new premises.”

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